Thursday, August 28, 2008

summer is almost over... =.=

Hey guys sorry took me long to update my blog >_< anyways.. these are my stuff that i did throughout the summer, except for playing video games, shopping, going to the gym... etc well, hope you like it~! :3 c&c's are always welcome ^^


Charles Liu said...

GRRR...u updated b4 me!!~~
u have so much stuff, nice work!

Chuwie said...

:O its that girl person thing :D :( u didnt let me put one dot ONE DOT... ;( lol its colorful :D mmm :3 the arm is wonderful :D

Josh Kao said...

wow, you finally updated! I really like the creatures/aliens

jpforjohnpark said...

GEMMMMMMMMMM... damn so awesome! hope your summer is going well, love the design work, keep it up!

Patrick Ballesteros said...,filipinos...always late. J/K girl, good stuff all around I really like the creature designs, you are starting to pull some cool shapes with them.

If you don't mind I would say the weakest one in that batch would be Star Law Charlotte.

#1 The framing of her is really close to all the edges and she cuts the image in half with her cloak and weapon. This kinda creates an end to where our eye should flow.

#2 I love the design elements you started on the suit but she feels kind of stiff in the pose. Something feels very forced about it.

Mind you I still need to work on this stuff myself but that's what stuck out to me the most. I hope this tiny crit helps, if not, control+ z and disregard. Keep rocking away girl, looking forward to more badassness!

Rustam F. Hasanov said...

Wow. you did allot of work during the summer. Awesome!