Saturday, October 31, 2009

Midterm updates O_o

Sorry guys took me so long to update my blog =.= some tiny changes have to be made that I wanna get over with... anyways here are some classwork that I incorporate it with my personal project :3 hope you guys like it~! \^o^/

Mennelune "Lonewing" pulls a prank on a fellow Avennian

some detail

Mennelune aka Lonewing
Character that I've been developing for last couple of years O_o and finally got a chance to go back to her and do some redesigns ^^

some quick ideations for Lonewing

-caster type-
one of different factions of forest/beast races

Scroufan's heavy artillery

line work

The Oracle
-wisdom-ish race?... cnt think a better description yet O_o

some random prop design from schoolwork
that I decided to put it up coz..... I like it ^^

I copied 2 and the rest are made up :3

Express yourself!